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During a two year search through the entire Waterberg region for the ultimate property, Rietspruit was bought in 2006. Kolobe Retirement Village & Wildlife Estate is located on a 160ha lifestyle game farm 7kms outside of Modimolle (previously known as Nylstroom), in the heart of the Waterberg mountains of Limpopo.


We are fanatic nature lovers and treat every tree, shrub, insect, and animal with the utmost respect. (They were here first and we are the intruders.) It is with this viewpoint that the development of Kolobe Retirement Village & Wildlife Estate was undertaken. We need to enjoy the rest of our short life span in affordable safety and good neighbourship.

The development total housing units were reduced from the original 100 to only 60 units in order to provide privacy and silence and to preserve nature. All our housing units have their own solar electricity system, solar geyser with backup LP gas geyser, gas stove/oven unit, and LED lighting. Our houses are each built with a double garage and our cottages with a single carport. We offer every housing unit its own space, privacy, and an unobstructed view of the Waterberg bush or mountain.


Our Frail Care Centre has already been built and will be equipped and operational once there is a demand for this service. Kolobe Retirement Village is 100% independent of all municipal services and prides itself on being a "green" and eco-friendly development. The idea is to create services tailor-made to fit the needs of the senior citizen and at the same time facilitate safety measures not affordable by an individual.


Avoid Transfer Duties

Avoid the massive transfer costs associated with acquiring an existing property, leaving you free to invest all that money into your dream home.

Customise Your Home

With development properties, you can design your ideal home. Make your dream home a reality by customising your home to suit your needs, desires, and requirements just the way you want.

Save on Maintenance 

Your newly built home will require little to no maintenance in the first few years as everything is new, from the paint on the walls to light fittings, built-in cupboards to bathroom fitting, literally everything.




Our vision is to build our houses exclusively GREEN with a low carbon footprint. Kolobe is completely independent of the local municipal authority in all services like solar energy, water supply, and sewer treatment. 


"Only leave your footprints!"

"Los net jou voetspore"



To find like minded retirees of 50 years and older to share in our common goal of a tranquil and safe lifestyle in pristine nature.



Come and see what we have to offer only 90 minutes from Pretoria. Be one of the selected few that will secure their "Innie Bos" paradise on a 160ha Waterberg lifestyle game farm.  We offer luxury houses comprising of 60 units.



All houses and cottages are sold as Sectional Title (which means you will have a title deed upon registration of your new home). With the SECTIONAL TITLE ownership, maintenance cost and insurance is carried by the body corporate at a much lower affordable rate.



The main energy supply for each house will be PV solar and LP gas.


Pet Friendly 

It is Kolobe Retirement Village's greatest pleasure to inform you that you are allowed to have two small dogs (ie: lapdogs) and one domestic bird accompany you into your retirement at Kolobe. Regrettably, no cats are allowed.



The buildings will be constructed with semi-face bricks, plastered and a chroma-deck metal roof to create an earthly blend with the surrounding bush.

  - In total 60 units will be built

  - Frail care center, administration 

    office, and dining hall


Levy Structure

Kolobe's levy structure also includes, amongst other services and facilities, the following:

  - Weekly refuse removal

  - 15kL water usage directly from

    Kolobe's own boreholes

  - 2-hour garden service per week

  - Insurance premium, and solar           power provision

Future Planned Levies

  - Domestic cleaning service

  - Access to a full-time nurse to

    attend and assist with medication

    wound care, blood pressure, etc

  - Dining hall meal tickets

  - Laundry services



 - The provincial road bordering 

   Kolobe Retirement Village has 

   24/7 monitored security cameras

   linked to NaTIS (National Traffic

   Information System).

- Each house is equipped with a 2     way radio incase off an emergency.

Future Developments

- The main entrance will have 24-

   hour access boom gate control,

   including the latest state of the

   art security equipment

 - Remote and fix panic buttons

 - CCTV cameras

Future Development.jpg

Frail Care

- If needed, will be provided in your own house.

- Qualified Medic is 24/7 on standby for any emergency.


Attributes & Facilities

 - Ideal Waterberg mild climate 90

   minutes from Gauteng

 - Free-roaming game literally on

   your doorstep

 - For nature lovers, at least 100

   species of trees identified, as well

   as bird and insect life in 


 - Ample footpaths

 - Access to 160ha game farm to

   enjoy nature to the fullest

Future Developments

 - Solar heated indoor swimming     pool to be constructed in 2024



Kolobe Retirement Village & Wildlife Estate has its very own high site (internet WiFi tower) which is connected through nanobeam technology pointed and connected
to a fibre line in Modimolle. Each house comes WiFi ready, meaning all you need to do is have a modem installed and sign up with the local service provider, which makes use of Kolobe’s private high site, so that you can keep connected to the rest of the world.
 Solar powered for 24hr uninterrupted service.

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